Welcome to Planetary Records.

What we do                      

Planetary Records is a complete audio production and website design service for your brand, project or passion.
We will record, mix and master your product, then deliver it you with a unique Landing Page to host your content.
Working together every step of the way, we will make sure that your product fits your ideal needs and purpose.
We have several packages available, including podcast production, portable recording facilites, business event recording and website creation and content management.

All of our packages are available either as a continuous or single service.


Reach out.

Tell Planetary Records your needs, and we'll work together on your vision.

Audio, education or information, we will endeavour to design your ideal product.


Once the product has been conceptualised, we will take action and collaborate.

Creatively working towards the ideal goal, Planetary Records will record, mix, master and design a complete package to suit your needs, including a single website Landing Page.


The final stage of our process is simple. We give the control to you.

You'll recieve the final content - a ready to share website, as well as a hard copy of the completed project.

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About Planetary Records  

Planetary Records is Christopher Mudge. Chris set his sights on music at the tender age of 16, studying music both at school and at home, continuing his passion completing a Bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering in 2014. The following year, Chris conceptualised Planetary Records, and has since built the business into a multi-faceted audio production and website design company.
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